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Meat Slap Part 2

For a long time the best part of InfernalRestraints has been the incredible devices. One of the best is the Brank. It slides over Sasha easily and has attachments to gag her, blind her, and keep it all locked into place.

It’s not like she is going anywhere. PD has her locked to a post in his barn and everything he wants to do to her can be done right there. With a few minor adjustments he can push her cunt into the air for a rough fucking or put her on her ass so he can cane her feet. The only relief she will get is when he decides to go get some sleep, leaving her on the floor to rest up and get ready for more.

The next day is not any easier, though. Sasha may not be chained to her stump for the day but that freedom comes with a cost. PD needs better access to her ass if he is going to cane and flog it. It becomes even more important when he decides to violate it. If she can handle the intense double penetration that he has for her, she can handle anything.


No Dignity

It is almost comical how much these models think alike sometimes. They come in expecting some kind of glamorous shoot and invariably don’t see that something is wrong the second PD decides to put them into bondage.

Some of them take it better than Alisha Adams, though. She starts complaining the second she sets eyes on PD. It’s almost like she doesn’t recognize that she has no power in this situation. The cold iron locked around her neck and wrists should have given her a clue. It looks like he’ll just have to be less subtle.

He strips her down and locks her back up, not just to expose her but also to show her exactly how much control he has over her life right now. Whether she feels pain or pleasure is a matter of how he feels at the moment. One second he’s whipping her to tears and the next she is cumming at his command. She has no modesty or dignity left, so she may as well learn to love it.

She is going to have a long time to think about that. The chair that PD straps her into she thinks is a temporary arrangement. Between the uncomfortable arm and leg bondage, the constricting posture collar and the vicious medical gag in her mouth, Alisha believes that he will set her free at any moment. He couldn’t possibly expect her to endure this for long. When he sets up the fucking machine for her cunt she is sure he will be done with her soon. It isn’t until he turns out the lights and closes the door that the truth finally dawns on her.


Just Another Glamor Shoot

Did someone tell Mia Gold that this would be a glamour shoot? She definitely seems to recognize that things are strange, but not quite fast enough to save her, it seems. PD impaling her cunt so deeply that the dildo keeps her transfixed apparently wasn’t a big red flag.

It isn’t until she indicates that she wants to leave that Mia really learns how bad things are going to get. PD has some electrodes that he uses to enforce the full cooperation of models. She doesn�t think they are a good idea, but who the hell asked her in the first place? A few good shocks and she is as compliant as you please.

Holding up a couple of buckets at arm’s length is actually pretty tough. Mia feels the strain almost right away. But if she wants to get through the day with a bare minimum of electrical impulses running through her snatch she had better find the strength to carry on.

Getting caned and giving head are an alternative to electrocution that Mia can live with. She may scream in pain but it is better than the voltage. Mia likes the contraption he puts her in because it gets her off of the hard, metal cock. PD likes his swinging, steel stocks because they give him access to all three of her holes as well as some more sensitive places to punish.

A cunt full of cock and a face full of jizz make Mia so horny that she can barely contain herself. PD came on her face, violated her pussy, and then vibrated her to the most incredible orgasm of her life. All she can say afterwards is “Wow.”


Meat Slap

For the hot, young Sasha coming to Infernal Restraints means living out her fantasies. In her everyday life she dreams of being restrained, punished and violated. But only when she comes to PD can she really experience that.

First she wants to be dehumanized and denigrated. The feeling of being a piece of meat is too appealing to pass on. PD hangs her up from the ceiling with a sack over her head. She won’t need to see anything to follow his directions.

What she wants is for PD to fuck her and tell her how good she is. The most she is going to get is a chance to suck his dick.

On the floor he wants to pose and fondle her. The fiddle will keep her hands out of the way and makes and excellent hard point for moving her around. The spreader bar has her almost doing a split and the way it shows off her holes gives PD an idea. She still hasn’t suffered enough to earn time with his cock, but he will let her fuck herself if she can manage it under these conditions.


Mud Slut

Matt has brought Rain DeGrey home from a long car ride and, like most people; she is probably looking forward to a warm shower and a soft bed. That is a pretty stupid expectation, though, when you are being transported in the back of a van.

When pigs want to relax and cool off they wallow in the mud. If it is good enough for them it is better than Rain deserves. It is disgusting and humiliating to roll around in filth, but it is sexy as hell to watch when Rain does it.

Her time in the silo is a real treat. PD and Matt both want to use her and before they decide to take turns they put her through a brutal double team. Matt wants Rain’s holes, and PD wants to make her suffer. Every inch of her is going to be sore.

She does eventually get that shower she has been waiting for. It comes to her from a garden hose while she is strapped to the side of the silo. And, as if the freezing cold water wasn’t enough, we have her poor little pussy split open on wooden wedge. The way it pushes her clit forward means the hose can focus directly on it. The icy cold blast has her sobbing and every time she opens her mouth to protest she has to deal with a jet right down her throat.

No day is complete without a new twist on an old favorite device. Rain sucks dick like a pro but complains too much that her neck gets tired. We found a way to fix that. Mount a fucking machine to the back of her head and put an open-mouth gag in her face and she is ready to provide pleasure whenever you want.

It is a brutal experience, overall, and Rain loved every second of it. While listening to her describe the events of the day you can hear how hot they made her. She considers suffering for us a badge of honor and it really shows