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Pussy On The Pole

Veruca James is a classic beauty that is excited to try something new. When presented with a body like hers, one is obligated to take full advantage, try things she hasn’t before – push her limits.

This article focuses on predicament bondage. The predicament Veruca is in operates as follows:

First, suction cups are applied to engorge her nipples and clit with increased blood flow which in turn leads to increased pressure and sensitivity.

Next, a little box that provides a powerful electrical charge whenever it detects a sound is attached to her nipples via electrified clamps. The power level and audio sensitivity is set rather high. Veruca is steeling herself, preparing to keep quiet, but we both know it was never going to be made too easy for her.

Veruca’s clit was also pumped up for a reason. If she wants to avoid the shocks to her tits she is going to need to control her mouth. Test number one: the whip. While her clit is whipped with a single tail she has to sit in silence. It isn’t possible. As tough as Veruca tries to be there is no way she can stay hushed enough to keep the little box from adding to her suffering.

If she thought that was all she would have to endure, she was wrong. The celebrator is a small but powerful vibrator and the suction followed by the whip has already ramped up the sensitivity in her clit to 11. It’s the perfect time to set the little toy to maximum and press it tight against Veruca’s button.

Each orgasm that is ripped from her body brings a new challenge with it. She wants to scream in ecstasy but every peep or moan from her is met with a shock through her nipples. At first it is distracting, but soon the pain is so erotic that even as it punishes her it pushes her to cum again and again. She is crying and cumming at the same time. Her body is so overwhelmed that she can’t control her reactions.

How long can she hold it all in when every instinct in her body is screaming for her to give in and let the pleasure carry her away?

Her next position isn’t any easier. This time a chain runs between her ankles and her nipples. The clover clamps on her tits are going to hold firm, even under several pounds of tension. They will not pull loose and give her any kind of relief. Her legs need to stay elevated to keep the clamps from tugging and it isn’t long before Veruca’s muscles feel like they are on fire. All this before the Hitachi makes it’s appearance.

The Hitachi is the most powerful hand held vibrator in the world. Turned on high it turns tough girls into cum-drunk puddles in a matter of seconds. If Veruca wasn’t feeling weak in the knees before a couple of orgasms will change that. She can scream all she wants this time, but every time Veruca cums her legs get a little weaker and those clamps pull on her tits just a little bit harder. When Cyd wraps his hand around her throat and cuts off her air those orgasms become even more intense. The excitement of being so vulnerable and the lack of oxygen to her brain combine to take her to the next level.

Last, it’s time to give her a taste of what real suffering is like, without the immediate promise of release. Veruca is placed in a hog tie, with her feet perfectly positioned for a good whipping. The rag in her mouth muffles the screams and it is a good thing because she begins to cry the second she feels the single tail start snapping against her soles.

There is more for her to endure before the end. A pair of floggers is on hand and it would be a shame not to apply them to such beautiful tits. She will have to endure them before she is allowed to cum again.

With a flogger in each hand Cyd starts to beat her breasts. He begins slowly, but as she gets warmed up he increases his intensity. The leather strikes against her nipples with a satisfying sound and as he moves faster and faster it begins to sound like the beat of a song. Her moans through the ball gag in her mouth provide the melody as she sings her suffering.

There were a lot of firsts for Veruca today. She loved everyone one of them. When we’re done she isn’t just asking for more, she is asking to stay forever. Something has awoken something inside of her – the beginnings of a transformation into a complete bondage slut.



Purple Rain

Today we have the beautiful Rain DeGrey on hand for a bit of rough play. She is one of our favorite models because in addition to being so hot she absolutely loves bondage and discipline. That is why she keeps coming back to us for more. The second the bruises fade she is looking for another chance to suffer, cry and cum.

The scene opens on a helpless Rain DeGrey in a slinky purple dress. Her hands are bound behind her with leather straps, her arms are wound around wooden pegs to keep them in place. She tries to wriggle, but her ankles are held together, too and the high heels on her feet make balancing a tricky situation. One false step her shoulders will be bearing her full weight.

In this position she can’t offer any resistance as Cyd Black cuts away her dress with scissors. A small scrap of cloth and a pair of stockings are the only things left covering her and they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. If she was planning on protesting her defrocking the rag-gag in her mouth has eliminated that option. Held in place with tape and a face mask it is an effective means of muffling her.

Cut clear of her clothing, Rain’s magnificent tits are exposed. Firm and round they make a tempting target for the whip. As it crisscrosses her body the mixed moans of pain and pleasure escape her throat but are stifled by the gag. The tears, however, flow freely, making her make up start to run.

Her pussy is going to get some, too. Every slap of the whip across her lips will make them more sensitive for the next one. It is only a few hits before they start to turn pink. We meant it when we said she loved bondage and discipline. Her arousal is apparent from the way her body flushes with anticipation.

Suffering sweetly earns her a brief reward. The Hitachi is the most powerful hand held vibrator in the world. For most women a few seconds on high is enough to bring them to the edge or orgasm or even push them over the edge. Cyd is going to play a sadistic game with Rain. She will get just a taste of the pleasure that the high speed toy and bring her but it won’t be enough to get her off.

She jerks against her bondage in frustration. All she wants to do is feel the release of a powerful orgasm, but Cyd has other ideas. Rain can moan, buck and beg all she wants, she isn’t getting off until he decides that it is what he wants to see. He is probably doing her a favor, actually, considering how powerfully Rain cums. She has the kind of orgasms that make her weak in the knees and may make it hard for her to stand up on those heels.

Eventually she does get her wish, although she soon regrets it. As Cyd pushes the vibrator against her clit she sinks down to meet it and feel the waves of pleasure wash over her. It isn’t until she has had her first orgasm that she realizes he has just found another way to torture her. The sensations between her legs won’t stop now, as the ecstasy turns to the agony of over-stimulation.

When she has been rebound into her new position Rain may think that things are getting better. First off, the rag in her mouth has been replaced by a ring, meaning that if she screams the sound will be heard loud and clear. Second, this time she is bound on her back, with her legs straight up into the air. It means no more fretting over whether or not her knees are starting to feel weak.

Then again, it means a few things to Cyd, too. Her ass and pussy are completely exposed now. Her hands and ankles are shackled into place so there is no reason to worry about how much she may buck. Even her head is mostly immobilized, this time by a set of hooks in her nostrils that pull her nose up into a humiliating pig snout. The only think she can do freely is flex her fingers. Her toes have been tied to a pair of intense nipple clamps so that if Rain arches her feet the lines will pull taut and tug at her tits. It’s an awful predicament she finds herself in, and that is before the torments start.

Rain’s pussy has barely had a chance to recover. It’s still sensitive from the last round of orgasms when Cyd puts a very precise little instrument right against her clit. The celebrator doesn’t have the raw power of a hitachi but it is entirely focused into a much smaller area. While the larger vibrator feels like it is shaking her whole body, this tiny terror puts all of the emphasis right onto her most sensitive spot.

She struggles as much as the iron around her limbs will let her but there is no getting away from it. This time Cyd isn’t even worried about taking it away before she cums. Instead he has decided to inflict a few painful distractions on her, to see if she can manage to get off through the combination of sensations. She is freely allowed to orgasm as many times as she wants to if she can manage it.

By the end she is just a shell. Rain has cum so many times that she isn’t sure if she can anymore. She has stripes from whips and canes all over her body. Her tits, ass and pussy are aching and inside she feels dirty and used. It is exactly the Gold Experience that she came here looking for. And it isn’t over yet…



Sealed Shut Slut

Bailey Blue is bound in a position that gives new meaning to “face down; ass up”. Her exposed holes are pointing towards the heavens and begging to be filled. I start with a few fingers, but that’s not enough for this slut. She wants all of her holes stuffed. That’s why we call her “Sealed Shut Slut”.

But that’s not all this submissive blonde wants. She craves pain as well as pleasure. With a pair of floggers in tow, I begin to create my own art on the masterpiece that she brought to me today (her ass.) The flogging builds until I unleash powerful vibrations directly to her clit making Bailey cum hard in her metal bondage.




Haley Rue is a fascinating young lady. She’s got an amazing ass, perfectly formed breasts, and a great attitude. Even more fascinating than her stats is the fact that she is legally blind. Haley’s primary means of contact with the world is through her sense of touch. What better way to touch her than to tie her up and play with her. In this addition to Infernal Restraints we explore what’s on the mind of a young lady who can never see what’s coming.

Her mouth is packed wide with an INSEX style gag. Black leather straps hug her tightly in a worm position. Her beautiful young body wiggles and kicks. She moans into the red rag locked behind her teeth. Then all of a sudden there are hands on her; feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, flipping her on her belly, and touching her ass. They explore her most intimate parts. Then she’s hauled over his knee where she’s given a sound spanking. Her cheeks are bright red from the ordeal. When it’s over she’s back on the ground. Her torn stockings and red ass a lovely reminder of what she has waiting for her.

Still tightly bound in the leather straps Haley is now free to talk. Her high heel shoes are replaced by ankle cuffs. She struggles again and calls out for him, but there is no response. When he comes back he wordlessly attaches her to the pulley and pulls her into an inverted suspension. She dangles in midair. Then he shreds her clothing. Her tender white skin is exposed and he takes full advantage. The singletail leaves beautiful red lines across her milky white skin. She grunts and screams, but that doesn’t stop him. He only stops when he is satisfied. That’s when he teases her. The little pink vibrator makes her quiver, but all too quickly before she is left without orgasm. He yanks her up over 16 feet in the air.

Haley wanted to join the sexy women on Infernal Restraints and show what she was made of. Being blind she relates to the world in a vastly different manner. Haley Rue is a sexy little chick with a cute ass and perky little breasts. In this update she’s bound, gagged, fondled, spanked, suspended, whipped, teased, hooded, hogtied, nipple tied, vibrated, and orgasmed.