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Safe House 2 Part 1

Her delivery method speaks lucidly of where she has been and where she is going.

She slowly wakes to a gentle rocking and tug at her body – Confined to a coffin like container lined with foam, a sensory deprivation hood seals her head with a smothering pressure.

A built in Anesthesia Mask covers her nose and mouth orifices permitting the fetid air of her confinement to oxygenate her.

The sound of her breath rushes into her consciousness – What’s on my face – hugging it – squeezing it – sticking to me?

She holds her breath – dead silence. Flexing her body, it is held fast by an unyielding resistance.

As her senses slowly reveal an unfathomable state – a waking nightmare materializes. She feels hot – pressure builds throughout her body. Her arms feel numb and will not move.

She is tightly wrapped with plastic film and bound with webbing. Her feet, strapped into 6″ stiletto heels.

Helplessly probing a suffocating darkness, her mind roars over the loud rasps of stale air. She gasps, desperately straining against the enclosure as her body aches for oxygen.

Clank, Clank, Clank, The worm rolls out of her pupa – she feels a sudden cold hardness pressing against her.

From the confines of a minimalist prison her senses explode as she is manhandled by a dangerous new force.

Cut from the womb of her plastic wrap forensic shield, she is quickly hogtied. Then, a loud but distant command orders her to her knees.

She struggles to obey – her writhing becomes more frantic as the jarring jolt jabs of a shock saber stab her again and again.

Her air orifice whistles as she gulps between screams.

He grabs her by the neck, yanking her to her knees.

The method is time tested – assault her senses; flood her mind with shock, horror and confusion.

Still hogtied, kneeling, balanced precariously, she feels her head yanked back – he places a rebreather bladder over the hood’s only opening.

Her mouth is packed – crammed with a large sponge and sealed with a band of tightly wrapped vinyl tape.

Her eyes are stretched wide as the terror of this madman’s machinations unfold before her.

He approaches, clinching a brass rod and a long snaking red cable attached at the end.



Compliance Part 2

What can I say about Cherie DeVille that her fans don’;t already know? She is a beautiful, blonde bondage slut. One of our favorites, in fact. She has been around us so long that surprising her takes a bit more creativity, but that is alright. We appreciate the challenge of taking a girl like this to the next level. Cherie is the complete package. She has beautiful tits, a tight ass, a pretty pussy, and a mouth made for sucking cock. Add in an undying love for tight bondage, corporal punishment and humiliation and you know it is a recipes for a good day.

It is all in the build up with girls like this. Cherie is so hot that there is no doubt most men can’t keep their hands off her when they have the chance. We take a different tactic. Letting her languish for a while gives her time to contemplate what she thinks is coming next. We never really tell her what’s going to happen, since it’s more fun to let her wonder. Some times it is just best to let her torment herself in her own mind.

The way we bent Cherie over the frame has turned her into a humiliating display. Her legs are held apart by a bar that exposes her pussy and leaves her feeling more than a little vulnerable. The metal mask around her face also acts as a gag that pries her mouth open and keeps her from asking the question that she really doesn’t want the answer to anyway, “What is going to happen to me?”

The bondage she is in is tight, but not entirely immobilizing. She can struggle against the chains, shackles and straps that hold her into place. It isn’t long before she discovers that this is by design. When the cold metal of the ass hook slides pushes against her tight ass she knows things are about to get rough. When she feels OT tie her hair to it she finally understands why she was given so much freedom of movement. Now every time she bucks, squirms or shuffles the iron in her anus will fuck her and pull her hair at the same time.

It’s an incredible feeling for Cherie, knowing that her body and reactions have been turned against her. As the whip and then the twin floggers play across her ass she can’t decide whether to hold still for them or give into the degrading pleasure of fucking her own ass. It hurts so much to just sit there and take it, can she really just give in and enjoy the ride?


She doesn’t have much of a choice, though. OT is coming with a rubber cock and a powerful vibrator to see what that much stimulation will do to Cherie. Being full in 2 holes at once is embarrassing for her but also deeply erotic. It hurts to have so much inside of her but it feels so good at the same time. She barely has time to get into it before he has walked away, though.

When he comes back, at first it isn’t clear what he intends to do. Even when he holds the long red object in front of her face Cherie doesn’t seem to realize what is coming. It isn’t until he pulls out a lighter and melts the wax around the wick that the full reality of the situation dawns on her. Cherie’s eyes go wide as she wonders what OT has planned for that candle. She knows right away that it won’t be just a few drops of wax on her back.

After transferring Cherie to the stocks, OT invites a friend in to play with his toy. Elise Graves comes in and Cherie can’t even see her from her position, all she can do is feel the extra set of hands playing by her feet. Poking, caning, biting, and just generally tormenting, Elise and OT work together while the medieval torture device keep their prey in position.

It isn’t their touch that is causing Cherie the most distress, though. The wooden frames themselves are insidious in the position she’s in. While they work her over she is distracted from it, but as soon as she is left alone she can feel the fact that her weight in resting in the worst ways imaginable. She isn’t on her hands and knees, even though it looks that way. Instead she is holding herself up by her shins and forearms. Even languishing in this position for a while will leave large bruises from where she spent time pushing against the wood to keep herself from slumping. If she runs out of strength and slides down even a little bit who knows if she will be able to lift herself back up into the stance that she has been commanded to hold.

Even the heavy tit caning that Elise gives her is better than being left alone in this position. Cherie has always liked attention, she loves the spotlight, but she never thought she would be sitting her wishing to be caned rather than being alone with her thoughts. The ball gag in her mouth that at first she thought of as a curse is soon seen as a blessing. It gives her something to bite down on so that she can grit her teeth and suffer through the pain. It doesn’t matter that it muffles her screams for mercy. Even if she could freely beg for it, she wouldn’t be receiving any from either of them.


Compliance Part 1

Having a hot, blonde MILF on set is always fun. Cherie DeVille is our favorite when it comes to that category. Her tits are the perfect size for pinching, fondling, or just standing out as targets for the whip. Her ass is equally pleasing. It’s a tight little thing and the marks we make are going to show up on it beautifully. We are going to have so much fun with Cherie that there is no way we could contain it all in a single video. This one is going to have to be a two parter, because the action is just too good to miss.

We are going to get Cherie backward and forward today. It doesn’t come across as the most intense slave position training she has ever had to experience but it will be full of little surprises. For instance, the shackles around her ankles aren’t there to keep her legs in place. The way the chains run under her feet keeps them pointed like our special brand of high heeled bondage. Standing on point is such a trying feat that eventually she has to just suck it up and deal with the iron links digging into the soles of her feet.

First we are going to play with that lovely ass. She’s bent over in stocks while we go to work on her tail end. The way the wood and shackles hold her in place it is propped up perfectly for punishment. A little bit of tickling, a little bit of spanking and a whole lot of whipping are coming her way. She’s going to have more stripes than a tiger by the time we’re done with her. When it comes to whipping women or giving them any kind of corporal punishment we make sure to push every one of them to their limit.

The way she is bent forward does give us a bit of access to her tits. We can whip them from underneath or reach around and give them a good squeeze. But if we really want to show her a good time it is going to mean changing her position a bit.

For access to her tits and pussy we bend Cherie over backward, arching her almost horizontally at the waist and then anchoring it by putting her neck back into the stocks. It’s a brutal position, a twist on an old medieval torture device, that strains all of the muscles in her body at once. It’s hard to hold yourself up with your back bent that way, and even harder when every adjustment you make to your weight bears the risk of making you lose your balance and putting all of the pressure on your neck. Cherie knows right away the precariousness of the situation she is in. It’s just too bad for her that it’s bound to get worse.

Or maybe that is the reason she keeps coming back to us. Having her pussy whipped and then vibrated is probably an experience that she can get anywhere, but with us it is about more than just the bondage you see on camera. It is a mental experience. She knows that once we begin she has given up all control of the situation. It turns her on to be so vulnerable. It makes her wet to know that she is at some strong man’s mercy.

There isn’t much time between the first time the dildo is pushed inside of her and when her moaning and panting start. The ecstasy of forced orgasms threatens to overtake her senses almost immediately. And that is just from the little Celebrator. When we break out the Hitachi, the most powerful hand held vibrator in our arsenal, she is cumming in a matter of seconds.

It isn’t just the corporal punishment that turns her on, either. Cherie is excited by the slave training that she receives at our hands. She has been sucking cock for a long time but every girl could use a bit of deep throat advice. We have a dildo that will help her out. First we’ll teach her how to breath through her nose when it is crammed down her throat. After that we’ll see how long she can hold her breath when her face hole is overloaded and her nostrils are pinched shut.

She pretends like she hates it. Or at least that is the emotion written all over her face. But a quick inspection of her pussy tells a completely different story. Just like when we had blows raining down on her tits, ass and cunt, Cherie is dripping wet from the treatment.

We don’t want her struggling too much, so this time her legs are strapped wide open. Exposed again there is nothing Cherie can do but squat in place and scream for mercy as orgasm after orgasm is torn from her over-stimulated little slit. Each one is more intense than the last and it begins to exhaust her. She can barely stay on her feet and we aren’t even done with her for the day, yet. Like we said, there is so much more coming for her that we couldn’t even fit it all in a single video.



Ass Trauma

I’ve talked a lot about the lovely Rain DeGrey. She has so much to offer whenever I see her. Big tits, a firm ass, a beautiful body, everything about her screams, “Torment me.” She loves pain. It’s how she gets off. And it’s a good thing, too, because she has a long day ahead of her.

There is a wooden post in the middle of the room that is going to provide the central structure of Rain’s bondage. From there I can lock her arms and neck into place. A pair of metal pipes on the ground give me something to lock her ankles to. It leaves her tits and pussy exposed, a familiar position for her. I walk up and tell her what she already knows. Today is going to be intense.

She has been with me before. She thinks she knows the drill. It starts with some bondage, moves on to some discipline, everything gets more intense and she gets the most amazing orgasms of her life in the end. Normally that means starting with a flogger or maybe a cane. Today I’m going straight for the whip.

The lash raises welts all over her body as soon as it touches her skin. The bright red stripes start crisscrossing her body, each blow bringing out another one. They will turn into bruises tomorrow, leaving her with dozens of little reminders of how this day started. She grunts and screams with each strike, but the ball gag in her mouth muffles it all.

What is normally the finale is just the warm up today. I tied her tits off with leather thongs to restrict the blood flow. It makes them firmer, purple, and extremely sensitive. She should be happy to have a man playing with her tits, but for some reason the only thing she does is scream at the top of her lungs every time my paddle comes down on them.

Well, I said she likes pain with her pleasure. I decided to see how much she likes having clamps on her nipples and pussy while I give her a bit of stimulation. The celebrator is a small vibrator but it is powerful. Pressed against her clit, especially with clamps on, it can be more than enough to overwhelm a woman’s senses. Rain is a screamer and this level of intensity is more than enough to have her bellowing at the top of her lungs and struggling against the shackles holding her in place.

Once I take the leather off of her tits you can see what all of the fuss was about. Her breasts are covered in the purple bruises that tell the story of the day. They won’t be fading any time soon, but given how much of a pain slut Rain is I think it’s more likely she’ll be playing with them when she masturbates than calling me back to complain.

I plan on making the back of her match the front. I have paddles and canes ready to go, and lucky for her there isn’t a very good way to tie her ass cheeks off to make them more sensitive. It means I am going to have to work a little bit harder to get the bruises to show, but anything worth doing at all is worth doing right.

Rain’s turned around, but in almost the same position. The most significant differences are plain to see, though. A pair of leather straps lift her ass cheeks so that they are perfectly places for punishment. Her ball gag as been replaced with a harness that covers her mouth and connects her face to her post. It lets her see the top, which forms a nice little shelf for all of my toys. I lay them out in front of her so she can get a good look at them all. I feel like a little anticipation goes a long way.

Each one feels a bit different on her ass. Each one is going to leave a unique mark, on her ass and on her psyche. It doesn’t take much to make those marks, either. The bruises are just as big and beautiful on Rain’s ass as they were on her chest.

And this time, when I grab a vibrator, I go for the gold. The Hitachi has given Rain knee-quaking, body-rocking orgasms before, so she knows what to expect as I press it against her clit. All of this suffering has made her pussy dripping wet and all she wants is to feel some pleasure. This little motorized menace is going to give her more than she bargained for. Rain is used to having a quick cum and relaxing. This toy is going to tear multiple orgasms from her body until her legs can barely hold her up anymore. If it weren’t for the restraints holding her up she would probably collapse to the floor in a mess of flesh and fluids.

Afterward Rain and I have a very nice chat. She tells me things about how much she loves to cum after pain, as though I hadn’t know. Even better, she gives us all a good look at the aftermath of our fun times together. Her pussy is red from being worked so hard. Her ass and tits are covered in bruises. The whip marks all over her body are still clearly visible. It’s been a long day and knowing Rain she’ll be back and begging for more in no time.