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Bondage Is The New Black: Episode 3

infernalrestraintsPreviously on Bondage Is The New Black Channing and Vicks got a taste of what it’s like to be interrogated. The electrified dildo couldn’t get the information out of Channing. Vicks confessed that her girlfriend was lying about something.

On the dramatic conclusion of our three part InfernalRestraints mini series Channing and Vicks take turns being beaten for information. In turn they each give up the other until finally Channing agrees to tell what she knows.

The stage is set. Channing’s terms are being met. If we want to know the location of the drug kingpin we’re going to need to let Channing and Vicks get off on watching Kentucky get hers. Perhaps she shouldn’t have taken so much glee in beating Channing earlier.


Bondage Is The New Black: Episode 2

infernalrestraintsPreviously on Bondage Is The New Black Pepper Channing, Alice Vicks, and Kentucky arrived at the remote farm facility. They tilled the field for the warden. Then they were lead into the barn where pepper was strip searched.

Episode two finds Pepper and Alice sitting in a cell in the cold barn. They both wear the standard issue prison uniform; a burlap sack. They are joined by Kentucky. Finally they are given a bowl of foul tasting gruel which they gobble down despite the horrible odor that invades their mouths and nostrils. If they weren’t starving they wouldn’t bother. After a day in the garden they need sustenance. After the meal they curl up for the night with only body heat and a thin layer of burlap to keep them from freezing.

In the morning Pepper is brought to an interrogation chamber. She is blinded and restrained. This is the first glimpse at what her life will become if she doesn’t tell us what we want to know. Where’s Riddick?


Bondage Is The New Black: Episode 1

infernalrestraintsA first ever Mini Series. Bondage Is The New Black is a porn parody. Featuring three of your favorite stars we are proud to present Episode 1 titled Special Work Detail.

Pepper Channing, Alice Vicks, and Tasha “Kentucky” Dockery are transported from Largefield Penitentiary to our remote farm location. They are told it’s for a special work detail, but it soon becomes obvious we have other motives. While the three inmates clear a garden the warden and his guards discuss the real reason the inmates have been transferred.

As the women are brought into the barn for the night they witness horrific interrogation scenes. They see other prisoners on crosses, in cages, and attached to ancient punishment devices.

Channing, Vicks, and Kentucky are lined up against a wall in the infirmary. Finally alone they can express their shock at the sights and sounds they were subjected to. What are they here for? This isn’t what they ever would have expected. They are in big trouble…


Brat Training: It‘s Not About You

infernalrestraintsIt’s funny that Penny Barber thinks she is hot shit. She calls herself a MILF and prides herself on being a bratty little cunt that never breaks. She loves bondage. She loves discipline. She can’t get enough of either, so most doms don’t have what it takes to put her in her place. We can almost understand why. Penny is nothing if not hot. She’s got great tits, a rocking ass, and you can tell from looking at her that she has the kind of holes you want to dive right into. Most doms would consider themselves lucky to get their hands on a woman like this.

Well, Jack Hammer isn’t like most doms. This isn’t about Penny for him, and the sooner she learns that the better off she will be. She has herself convinced that if she can keep her sassy attitude it means that she is in control. Well, if that’s the case, what does it mean when she is crying so hard her make up is running down her face?

This isn’t the end for her, either. You see, InfernalRestraints is all about metal bondage, devious devices and tough corporal punishment. We’re taking her over to to give her a dose of something a little bit different. Rain DeGrey is anxiously awaiting her arrival with a fist full of rope and nothing but the worst intentions.


The Farm: Part 2 Tortured Sole

infernalrestraintsLong term bondage isn’t all languishing in a cage. Siouxsie Q thought that was terrible but right about now she is longing for it like it was part of the good old days. Well, when she was sitting around and waiting all she could dream about was getting a little bit of attention from PD. Now that she’s getting it? Well, maybe she should have thought more about the consequences before hand.

She’s got a lot of time to ruminate on her current situation. PD is methodical when taking her apart. A block gag muffles her screams while the flogger impacts her pussy. He decides to let her really belt it out, though, when he starts attaching electricity to her most sensitive parts. Her nipples may get the most voltage but the way he keeps flicking at her pussy with the exposed wiring has her clit feeling like it is on fire.

Then comes her horse ride. It’s a simple wooden wedge. She’s straddling it, her weight resting on her pussy. Heavy loads, wrapped in steel, are attached to her ankles, pulling her down with even more force. And there she is, grinding herself against the rough wood, desperately trying to get away from PD’s whip. It won’t work.